Eric plays with his new digital camera
(All photos taken Saturday March 1st, 2003
with Sony Cybershot F717 -- just beginning to learn how to use this thing!)
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Dorren stands in front of the Fountain at St. Vincent's/Silveira Ranch in San Rafael after his ballet lesson.

A fence lizard catchin' some rays near Silveira Ranch in San Rafael. Two intrepid explorers set out on an expedition into the upper Lucas Valley hills behind our home.
A Jerusalem Cricket is exposed to light under a log in the upper Lucas Valley hills.

A generous rainy season produces hills green with beauty in upper Lucas Valley. A miniature babling brook in the upper Lucas Valley hills.
A steep and shaded hillside with lots of fallen wood gives shelter to a pair of Slender Salamanders, held by Dorrie. Alex displays a nice big Slender Salamander in all its glory. Eric attempts to get up close and personal with this lungless salamander (they breathe through their toes!)